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American reports on how to reduce cancer

American reports on how to reduce cancer

Medical reports from the American Cancer Society on some behaviors that lead to reducing the risk of developing cancer through some healthy meals In the report, it is to stay away from processed red meat as much as possible and to eat more vegetables and fruits The association says that it is preferable not to drink alcohol and that people exercise more

The American Cancer Society regularly reviews diet and exercise standards and their relationship to cancer and updates its guidelines accordingly

According to the new guidelines, eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly is important because it can help people maintain a healthy weight

Scientists are pointing to more links between cancer and overweight, as the latest report of the Global Fund for Cancer Research draws attention to 12 cancers linked to being overweight or obese with an increase of 5 cancers compared to the last report published a decade ago

A diet that is supposed to reduce the risk of cancer depends mainly on eating vegetables that are dark green, red and orange

It is also assumed that beans and peas reduce the risk of serious diseases, and it is preferable to eat whole fruits instead of those canned or eaten in the form of juices

Food that should be avoided or reduced includes processed meats or red meat such as steaks, and it is best not to eat soft drinks and juices that are served by adding sugar, as well as trying to avoid all processed foods

However, there is not enough food or even a food group to achieve a significant reduction in the risk of developing cancer, but studies still indicate healthy eating patterns associated with lowering the risk of infection, she said, Vice President of the American Cancer Society (Laura Makarov) for prevention and early detection

With diseases, especially colorectal and breast cancer
The advice also revealed that you will need to do more to remove the risk of cancer and that these updated instructions increase the recommended time for the exercises you need per week


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