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Author Luis Sepulveda died of corona virus

Author Luis Sepulveda died of coronavirus

writer Luis Sepulveda whose best-selling writings, Luis Sepulveda, died. Coronavirus the author remained for nearly 6 weeks inside a hospital in Oviedo, western Spain, after coming back from Portugal after participating during a festival Adab there, his wife Carmen Yannis, who was also a poet, also had an equivalent disease, the Crohn virus, and remains to receive treatment inside the hospital. Author Luis Sepulveda gained international fame after publishing his best novel "The Old Man Who Was Reading Grammar" which was published in 1988 it had been translated it had been published in several languages, including Arabic also 

 during which he lived life with these tribes and that they are the first inhabitants of those forests and their name is understood as "char"

The events revolve around violations and attacks by tourists, hunters, and miners about gold within the rainforests that caused these actions to disturb the balance in nature. The novel was translated into 35 different languages of the planet because it was made in an American movie directed by director Richard Dreyfus in 2001

It is documented from the author, additionally to his narrative works, his political activity and his love for the country during which he was born, raised and lived, and this reflects the extent of the prolific grain to his country

Author Luis Sepulveda was born in 1949 during a family that worked within the field of drugs and nursing and was a mother of the Chilean Communist Party 

During Salvador Allende's socialist rule to Chile, Sepulveda was one among the foremost prominent student leaders and he assumed the role of the Department of Cultural Affairs at that point 

After the Augusto Pinochet coup in 1973, the author was one among the foremost prominent activists and left-wing thinkers, they were arrested, imprisoned and tortured

Sepulveda stayed for several years inside the prison then under confinement, then fled and remained hidden for a short time until he was arrested again and sentenced to twenty-eight years in prison until Amnesty International intervened and was released and exiled abroad

During the years of exile, the author made a series of travels and lots of trips in many European countries also as in Latin America 

He lived for a short time in Germany and worked within the Green Peace Organization

He returned to Spain and settled there so far until it had been confirmed that she was infected with the Coronavirus and was killed by the virus


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