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Conditions for traveling abroad in Kuwait

Conditions for traveling abroad in Kuwait

The Council of Ministers within the State of Kuwait issued a choice to scale back the number of curfews within the country from 12 hours to 10 hours between 7 pm and 5 am within the context of easing the restrictions imposed to contain the Corona pandemic

In the same matter, the Kuwaiti government decided to lift the isolation imposed by the virus in three regions within the country, starting next Sunday
The government decided to permit travel for a period of no but 30 days for citizens with critical health conditions, students, people with a far off spouse abroad or a citizen residing abroad

Kuwait recently began to ease restrictions after three weeks of a comprehensive curfew and after a partial curfew for a period of up to a month and a half
The government in Kuwait announced a five-stage decide to gradually restore the country normal life, but this mitigation will happen within the framework of preventive controls and guidelines

Allowing the reopening of restaurants, but only on the condition of servicing cars, but the variety of them haven't yet returned to figure thanks to the presence of their employees in isolated areas by the govt

The government asked citizens to still monitor preventive controls and not leave the house except just in case necessarily to accelerate the encirclement of the pandemic


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