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Corona virus is now inside the presidential palace in Afghanistan

Coronavirus emerging: infected dozens of workers inside the presidential palace within the State of Afghanistan

Confirmed media reports said 20 people were injured within the presidential palace in Afghanistan, while the NY Times confirmed that the whole number of injuries rose to 40

No comment has yet been issued by the Afghan government, and there is no information available on the likelihood of the 70-year-old Afghan President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzi, who underwent an area of his stomach after being diagnosed with cancer within the 1990s

A government source told AFP that 20 people were infected with the Covid-19 virus inside the presidential palace in Afghanistan, but the matter was kept secret to avoid causing panic there

The news was published at the expense of the presidential palace on the social networking site Twitter a picture of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani while presiding over the cabinet meeting via video call, but the situation itself published pictures of a gathering with Iranian officials that the president personally attended

As of last Saturday, Afghanistan had 933 confirmed infections nationwide and 33 deaths

While these figures appear to be low within the amount of injuries, the country suffers from a scarcity of testing equipment, and thus the health system has suffered from conflicts that have gone on for several years

There are also many fears of the spread of the virus after the return of quite 150,000 Afghans from Iran, which was struck by the epidemic last March, and after the return of tens of thousands of others from Pakistan also


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