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John Bolten's book irritates Trump

John Bolten's book irritates Trump

Trump's former adviser, Joe Bolton, has said that he will publish a book on Trump, and this has caused Trump's anger and annoyance together with his former adviser

This book features a title

The Room Where It Happened White House

Simon & Schuster publisher said during a handout that Bolton's book provides an informed testimony of "inconsistent and floundering decision-making in President Donald Trump

Trump Doesn't Want You to Read It
It is expected that the book, which consists of 592 pages, will provide a broad picture of how the American president makes decisions and the way he deals with advisers and policy issues, whether it involves Ukraine or Venezuela, Iran, and North Korea 
The publisher said this book reveals how President Trump has been handling Russia, China, Ukraine, North Korea, Iran, Britain, France, and Germany

Bolton has made clear during this book that Trump is all that occupies him is re-election for an additional term, albeit at the expense of the nation's vulnerability and danger, he said

Trump previously warned Joe Bolton to not begin publishing that book, as Trump remains president of the White House, saying that a lot of parts of that book fall into the heading of secrecy too and will not be published
But Joe Bolton decided to challenge Trump to publish that book, promising to spread Trump's violations, he said

The publisher acknowledged that Joe Bolton will document during this book Trump's violations that occurred within the pressure he exerted on Ukraine to research his opponent from the Biden Democrats and led to accusation and trial in Congress
US Senate legislator Chuck Schumer said that Joe Bolton's testimony could help Republicans persuade those that haven't yet decided to sack President Trump
This issue is thanks to the freezing of the White House military aid worth 400 million dollars allocated to Ukraine at a time when its forces were fighting the Moscow-backed separatists

But it later became clear that Trump was putting pressure on Ukraine to research the son of his Democratic rival Biden over violations of his company in Kiev
Trump described his accusation within the House of Representatives as a conspiracy against him, considering that the pressure he exerted on Ukraine was within the interest of the us

According to Bolton, Trump told him in August 2019 that he didn't want to release military aid to Ukraine as long because the Kyiv authorities didn't achieve Biden presumably to compete within the November 3, 2020, presidential elections
His decision to travel ahead with the publication of his book will ask questions on his failure to testify during the Trump trial if he believes the president has committed abuses and his preference is instead to publish and sell the book
Bolton, who takes a tough line against Russia, opposed the White House freeze of military aid to Ukraine

John Bolton mentions in this book that the House of Representatives made some mistakes in praising the trial regarding Ukraine, and he refers here to Trump's mistakes with Ukraine in hinting at Trump's mistake in the file of his foreign policy, adding that Trump suffers from a dispersion in positions and visions about foreign issues and decision-making

The notes are going to be posted in libraries weeks before the Republican National Convention during which Trump accepts the party's candidacy for the re-election race for the presidency in November

Earlier, Trump said that Bolton shouldn't publish the book until after the election, as he described in closed sessions as a "traitor" because he had prepared a negative book on the White House experience

Bolton is in talks with some television networks at the instant to market the book


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