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Russia supports the "Cairo Declaration" for a cease-fire in Libya

Egyptian initiative to unravel the Libyan crisis

The Russian Foreign Ministry welcomed the Egyptian steps in Libya
Moscow praised the proposals of the "Cairo Declaration" and said that it is a comprehensive proposal that must be relied upon to solve Libya's long-awaited problems

The initiative includes a cease-fire proposal that begins on Monday, 8 June
And it includes the initiative to start the completion of the determinants of the work of the Military Committee, which supervised by the United Nations and includes five military representatives from all parties to the conflict
The initiative is predicated on the results of the Berlin Summit in Germany held last January, and ended with a call for participation to the parties to the conflict to stick to
Preventing the availability of deals to the Libyan army to unravel any problems then start work on a replacement political settlement for the country
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi announced this initiative on June 6
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi submitted an invitation to the United Nations and therefore the international community stating the need of evacuating Libya from all foreigners present on its soil and starting the political solution of the country
More than a year ago, General Haftar's forces launched a campaign to require control of the capital, Tripoli, and take away the mercenaries from it
On June 7, during a statement, the United Nations expressed concern over reports that dozens of bodies had been discovered within the Tarhuna Hospital without anyone being held responsible
The United Nations Mission in Libya said during a statement that quite 16,000 people were displaced in Tarhuna and south of Tripoli


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