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The Eiffel Tower opened after 3 months of closure, but with conditions

The Eiffel Tower opened after 3 months of closure, but with conditions

The Bar Eiffel administration once again reopened the doors to visitors on June 25, which continued to close the Eiffel Tower in front of visitors for a period of up to 3 months

The administration of the famous tower, which was closed to the movement of visitors and tourists on the 13th of March due to the Coronavirus pandemic, said this closure period is the longest closure period for the Eiffel Tower since the days of World War II and it is assumed that the gates will be reopened to tourists on the 25th of June It's ten o'clock in the morning

She explained that the number of tourists will be limited within the yard and the floors, and thus the direction of movement will be adopted with the ascending through the eastern stairs

The company added that the summit will remain closed at this time to avoid congestion inside the elevators leading from the second floor to the summit, which is the smallest area, and thus the summit will receive visitors again during the summer

And according to the reports of the technical situation, the elevators leading to the second floor will be quickly restarted in order to return to service again

Online resale of cards will be announced soon, with visitors encouraged to obtain these cards from their website

During the isolation period, the iconic 324-meter-high Eiffel Tower honored people fighting the new Corona virus inside the front rows by lighting the lights for a long time in the evening and displaying a word of thanks, as well as messages urging homes to stay

Gustave Eiffel built the Eiffel Tower in 1889 and it receives around 7 million visitors a year


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