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Donald Trump: Iranian ships are threatening a severe response in the Gulf

Donald Trump: Iranian ships are threatening a severe response in the Gulf

After the Iranian Revolutionary Guards continued to deploy boats to impress American ships within the waters of the Arabian Gulf, President Donald Trump responded hereby issuing instructions to the American navy present within the Persian Gulf to torpedo and destroy any ship or warships belonging to Iran that if they approached the American forces we'll destroy them cruelly

Trump stressed that I'm America, which can not accept of these provocations from the Iranian side, which this puts American ships in danger, and he repeatedly stressed that any Iranian warship approaching American forces are going to be blown up immediately because this is often a transparent threat to us

Donald Trump stressed that we are closely following all of Iran's military actions also as Iran's launch of the satellite for military purposes

Iran's space and secret program

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has confirmed the launch of a military satellite, and experts said Iran features a secret program 
The name "Noor" was given thereto of the Iranian military satellite, and this raised experts' fears that this can help Aran to possess ballistic missiles that would be intercontinental
It is worth noting that Iran also announced its abandonment of the nuclear agreement with world powers after US President Donald Trump announced in 2018 that us of America withdrew from that agreement
The American navy declared that the movements of the Iranian boats inside the high sea within the Persian Gulf are provocative and dangerous
More than 11 Iranian boats of the Revolutionary Guards approached the ships of the American Navy within the Gulf waters and therefore the Iranian boats administered dangerous and provocative operations An Iranian boat approached 10 ships from one among the Coast Guard ships this is often not the primary approach or the primary provocation of its kind within the past years


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