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Virgin Australia Airlines declares bankruptcy

Virgin Australia Airlines declares bankruptcy

Australian airline Virgin stopped paying it at some point after billionaire founder Richard Branson appealed for state support to Australia's second-largest airline, becoming the airline's latest casualty within the aviation sector that caused the Coronavirus pandemic

The company also said today, Tuesday, that it entered the judicial custody while it had been trying to find money to revive its business again, expressing its hope to beat this crisis and launch a robust new start again

Virgin Australia is that the first major airline in Asia and therefore the Pacific to declare bankruptcy thanks to the pandemic, which caused transport companies to cancel their flight schedules, Flights have been suspended and employees are given paid vacation

The British company "Flayb" also went bankrupt within the last month, because it said that its financial challenges are too big in touch during this epidemic
The Brisbane-based company said during a post on the Australian stock market that it's currently getting to continue operating all scheduled flights that help transport key personnel and maintain important shipping lanes and therefore the return of Australians to their countries
And the news came into play just a couple of hours after Branson's involve the Australian government to intervene, warning on Monday that the corporate is in urgent need and urgent to assist to still serve. within the Caribbean as a guarantee to beat this ordeal
Virgin Atlantic, British Airways company owned by Branson, is seeking a billboard loan from the united kingdom government and has put its employees on unpaid leave for several months


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