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Why is Liverpool wearing right back 66

?Why is Liverpool wearing right back 66

The right-back at the Liverpool club Player Alexander Arnold is wearing the shirt number "66". Of course, this raised many questions on the rationale for selecting that number

We will now know why he wears that strange number 66, from the shirt official within the club

As a gathering on the Liverpool website showed, official Redklef talked about the players coming from the academy to play within the main team
 football and this is often almost like the ranking of positions, the upper the player progresses, the less order and number of the shirt he wears
The Liverpool club official also indicated that Alexander Arnold was as long as the shirt which number because he was available and despite all the accomplishments the player achieved with the team that he was still wearing the shirt and therefore the same number, which made many wonders why thus far he wears that number despite all his accomplishments with Liverpool team
The official at the Liverpool club, "Redklef," indicated that Alexander Arnold is proud of the achievement he made, joining the primary team, and this is often in itself an exquisite achievement because the player said, and he doesn't check out the numbers, all of that changes, most significantly, within the ranks of the primary team
Where Arnold joined the ranks of the primary team Liverpool in 2016 after he was a player at the age of six years aged within the academy and after joining the primary team he quickly became one among the simplest players within the world within the right-back position and won many titles with the club within the Champions League and World Cup For clubs


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